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There’s a Serious Disconnect Between
 What Most Financial Planners Recommend… and
 The Reality of What Most People Really Want

First off, congratulations.

You’re visiting this site, which means you’ve reached a level of financial success that has you asking the question, “What’s next?”

You may be a business owner, a doctor, an engineer or a successful investor… who has worked hard to accumulate what you have and is passionate about making the most of your money.


Unfortunately, unless you’ve received above average financial guidance, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a serious gap in your planning… and it’s hurting your true wealth potential.

You see, there’s a flawed paradigm in the financial planning industry, perhaps even an extremist mentality, where everyone is encouraged to store money at the bank for easy access… and the rest should go into long-term investments for retirement.

While this strategy looks good on paper… it actually
creates huge problems in your financial plan that robs you of growth
and creates significant tax consequences.

Yet most “financial experts” recommend investing long term, tying your money up in the stock market…usually in tax deferred accounts such as 401k’s and SEP IRA’s…which prevents you from growing your wealth while using your money without taxes and penalties.

AND to make matters worse, they often suggest keeping money in a bank…not earning
anything…for emergencies or needed purchases.

Sound Familiar?

The problem is, people don’t accumulate money just to accumulate it… the sacrifice, the risk, the effort… is to have access and ultimately to be able to use what you’ve accumulated for yourself.



Brian Skrobonja

Founder , BUILD Banking

The Good News is That
There IS a Better Way!

The wealthiest individuals, including folks like Walt Disney, John McCain and the Rothschilds… have
known about a different wealth building strategy…

One that allows you to Futureproof your money by having uninterrupted tax free growth for your retirement while having access to cash when you need it without relying on banks or Wall Street gambling…

…It’s a strategy that is kinda like having your cake and eating it too!

My guess is that your current financial advisor probably doesn’t know about this… and it’s not his or her fault…it’s just not something that benefits Wall Street or banks so it is not often discussed.

But regardless of what
they know or don’t know,
there is a Plan B (BUILD).

A custom tailored solution that offers consistent tax free growth while also giving you access to money when you need it.

If your a business owner, this means having access to cash – on your terms – to invest in and grow your business

If your a successful individual, this means no longer having to accept low bank yields or too much stock market risk.

…And for those interested in an early retirement, this means having access to your money on your terms (prior to those government age restrictions that are placed on retirement accounts).

Just imagine having:

There is a better way to BUILD wealth, and we call it BUILD Banking™.

We’ve proudly helped hundreds of successful clients design strategies for creating uninterrupted and compounding tax free growth.

Our mission is to offer YOU the best guidance for your unique financial future, so you can futureproof your money, your cash flow, your retirement and your legacy automatically, and without the risk of the markets.

It’s time to confidently BUILD Your Best Life and Future.

The BUILD Banking strategy is a fantastic financial strategy as I have used it for better control of my cash flow. With old fashion banking you save your money in a low interest bearing account and then when you need the money and spend the cash it is gone. With this vehicle you do not lose your cash as you use the Life insurance companies cash and just pay it back. I get tax free growth and access to cash when I need it. Everyone should have this financial Best Management Practice in their financial toolbox.

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Gary M., P.E.

Civil Engineer and Senior Lecturer

The Build Banking Strategy has been a great decision for my family and me.  I was introduced to this strategy a few years ago.  Being a pretty conservative and skeptical person it took me a little while to become comfortable with it, but I trust Brian and his staff and decided to move forward. Being almost 4 years later I have no regrets whatsoever and in fact I just purchased another program earlier this week. I can’t say enough about BUILD Banking and team.  Their professionalism, attentiveness and quality of service has been fantastic.
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Brandon S

Mortgage Banker and Branch Manager

Working with Brian and his team has been incredibly beneficial for our company. His intuitive and forward thinking mindset, most notably with his BUILD Banking Strategy, has enabled us to implement a plan that is tailored to our exact needs and yet flexible enough to evolve, over time, with our rapidly growing business. His entire staff provides the highest level of customer service and care, with attention to detail that is unmatched, in any industry. They offer a refreshingly unique approach in a sea full of “one size fits all” plans.

Trisha F.

VP Operations, ECO, Inc.

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