The BUILD Banking strategy is a fantastic financial strategy as I have used it for better control of my cash flow. With old fashion banking you save your money in a low interest bearing account and then when you need the money and spend the cash it is gone. With this vehicle you do not lose your cash as you use the Life insurance companies cash and just pay it back. I get tax free growth and access to cash when I need it. Everyone should have this financial Best Management Practice in their financial toolbox.

Gary M., P.E.
Civil Engineer and Senior Lecturer

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The Build Banking Strategy has been a great decision for my family and me. I was introduced to this strategy a few years ago. Being a pretty conservative and skeptical person it took me a little while to become comfortable with it, but I trust Brian and his staff and decided to move forward. Being almost 4 years later I have no regrets whatsoever and in fact I just purchased another program earlier this week. I can’t say enough about BUILD Banking and team. Their professionalism, attentiveness and quality of service has been fantastic.

Brandon S
Mortgage Banker and Branch Manager