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In our 25+ years of experience, we're grateful to have provided thousands of individuals and business owners strategies for building wealth.

This experience has given us a front row seat in the success and failures of thousands of people, seeing first hand what works and doesn’t work in the pursuit of building wealth.

Our clients are given a unique opportunity to learn safe and powerful methods, proven to be effective for growing assets and building wealth.


Our team at BUILD Banking™ is committed to helping successful people navigate the complexities and challenges of building wealth.

We’re passionate about coordinating every component of your financial wellbeing… strategizing, optimizing and leveraging our intellectual property with our network of professional resources…so you get the BEST system to fulfill your cash flow needs, reduce your taxes and grow your wealth.

About Brian Skrobonja

Brian Skrobonja is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and prolific producer of content on topics related to wealth creation and preservation. He is the founder and president of a wealth management firm and insurance group based out of St Louis, Missouri dedicated to helping people make smart choices with their money.

He has spent years challenging his audiences to think differently about money, debunking common financial myths and helping people identify the purpose for their money. He’s often contrarian, sharing his perspective not heard elsewhere, encouraging people to let go of limiting beliefs and challenging them to seek the truth about what it takes to build wealth.

Brian Skrobonja
Founder , BUILD Banking

Brian embarked on this mission in 1993, entering the financial services industry and quickly realizing that the information that’s widely believed to be true about money was actually false or based on half-truths. He also concluded that the advice being distributed by advisors, the financial media and entertainers were all rooted in these misperceptions.

His mission is to help his audience discover the root of their beliefs about money as the pathway to reaching their goals. It is this unique approach that launched BUILD Banking™ as yet another path for his audience to break free from the status quo and learn the truth about building wealth.

Brian is the author of three books, a blogger and host of a FORBES Top 10 Podcast. He is the creator of many online papers and courses about money, been interviewed by multiple news outlets and magazines, and has received numerous awards and accolades. He is also a contributor for Kiplinger, Medium and Advisor magazine.

A family man at heart, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and grandson.